Rotary Sensory Garden at Freedom Trails Park

By: Christian Espinoza

Rotarians help maintain the park clean. Rotarians also replant some of the plants that are geared towards the 4 of the 5 senses. 

  • Rotary members created a Sensory Garden at Freedom Trails Park that would appeal to the senses of autistic children in the community. The intention is for the kids to interact with the plantings. There are vine covered tipis were a child can get away from the noise and commotion of the park activities. 


What Is a Teleidoscope? ... Unique.

A “Teleidoscope” is a telescope like tube that uses a clear marble at the end of a mirrored system unlike colored glass in a “Kaleidodcope”.

The Teleidoscope is pointed at anything of interest in the distance and the mirrored system inside will create a Kaleidoscope pattern and colors of whatever item is being viewed.

Girl Scout Rachel Lisle, created this unique Teleidoscope project as she worked toward achieving the highest award given by the Girl Scouts… the “Gold Award”.

Teleidoscope - Rachel Lisle

One can experience Rachel’s Teleidoscope at the “Rotary Sensory Gardens” in Freedom Trail Park, Westfield Indiana.  This park serves the community by featuring equipment, plants and structures that engage persons of all ages and disabilities including Autism.

After Consulting with the Rotary Club of Westfield, receiving funding from local businesses and the help of a local Mechanical Engineer who designed and built the Teleidoscope, Rachel’s project was achieved.


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